Information about technical support

  • Is my automation protected against extreme weather such as snow?

    All RDA products for door and gate automation can withstand temperatures down to -15C, and some as low as -20C. If there is heavy snow, you should remove snow from the operating area of the door or gate to prevent them becoming blocked. In addition, any photoelectric cells you have installed should be kept free of snow or dirt to ensure they work correctly.

  • Which safety measures should I implement?

    RDA offers a wide range of safety products such as photoelectric cells, pinch guards and warning lights. The safety precautions needed depend on the door/gate type and the existing situation. It is important to seek personal advice about the safety products you require.

  • Can I use my hand-held remote control to operate my garage door as well as my gate?

    Of course! All our remote controls communicate with our receivers. For instance, you can programme a VICTORY dual-channel remote control to open your garage door with button 1 and your gate with button 2.

  • What happens if the power supply is interrupted?

    All RDA products for door and gate automation are supplied with an emergency control system so you can open and close the door or gate manually if there is a power outage. There is also a handy emergency battery available for 24V versions as an extra, making optimal performance possible, whatever the situation.

  • What do I need to know before choosing the correct automation solution?

    To install an RDA automation solution correctly, you need to know the type, size and weight of the door/gate and its method of operation. In addition, it is essential to consider the current situation at the point of installation to safeguard correct operation and a long lifespan. We advise you to contact us to receive personal advice.