Software update SDD50 and SDD70


Since the summer of 2022, we supply 2 models of 24Vdc push-on operators, types: SDD50 (①) and SDD70 (②) for light industrial sectional doors that are balanced.

These drives have many advantages, as among others:

  • supply voltage: 1N~230Vac, making it applicable practically everywhere
  • adjustable speed (between 24 and 32Rpm)
  • adjustable soft start and soft stop
  • silent operation (< 70dB)
  • high duty cycle
  • electronic obstacle detection
  • easy programming with AAS (Auto Adaptive System)

We have received a lot of important feedback from our installers and based on this feedback, we have performed an update on the SDD50 and the SDD70. 

This update includes:

  • possibility to connect an air pressure switch i.c.w. 8.2Kohm resistor with self-test (parameter 6.8 > position 3)
  • Option of installing flush-mounted photocells in the course of the door (parameter 5.- > setting 2)
  • reaction time after activation of external photocells delayed to 0.5 sec.
  • limit switch programming even more precise
  • Factory setting of parameter 6.8 adjusted to position 2 (OPTO sensors)
  • The SDD50 and SDD70 are immediately delivered with these updates which contribute to a wider applicability and even better operation of these drives.


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