Introducing: our new industrial transmitter with 99 channels

Since we started, we have been providing a comprehensive package of various models of handheld transmitters, wireless push buttons, wireless code keypads, and receivers to easily, stably, and comfortably operate doors, gates, barriers, or other automations.

We are pleased to add a new member to this family with our robust industrial transmitter with 99 channels, type: STARK868-RDA.

What is the STARK868-RDA?

The STARK868-RDA is an industrial radio transmitter suitable for operating 99 doors with one or three buttons (pulse or up-stop-down).

The STARK868-RDA operates on a secure and reliable 868MHz/Keeloq frequency and is therefore compatible with all RDA receivers.

Using the numeric keypad, you can enter the number of the desired door, and using the control buttons, you can easily operate the relevant door. The door number is easy to read on the backlit LCD display.

What's in the package?

The STARK868-RDA comes with a clear manual in Dutch and English, making programming a breeze.

At the back of the transmitter, there is a sturdy clip so that you can attach the transmitter to your belt or safely put it in your breast pocket without it falling out every time you bend down.

We also provide a handy holder that allows you to securely mount the STARK868-RDA on a forklift or wall.

Where can I use the STARK868-RDA?

Due to the above-mentioned features and the robust housing, which can withstand a bump and is protected against dust/moisture with IP67 protection, the STARK868-RDA is extremely suitable for use in an industrial environment.

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