ATEX - changes in operators and door controls

Modification of drives

GfA offers a wide range of ELECTROMATIC drives and door controls for areas where there may be a risk of explosion (➊). These include slip-on operators SI (➋), chain wheel operators KE (➌) and sectional door operators SE (➍).

Due to a forced changeover to a new supplier, all Ex drives with type ignition class "Pressure-proof encapsulation Ex-de" and temperature class T4 (➎) will receive new electric motors and thus new part numbers as of 04/2023.

Drives with type ignition class "Pressure-proof encapsulation Ex-de" and temperature class T3 can unfortunately no longer be offered in the future.


Adjustment of controls

From the changes at the T4 motors also result changes of the GfA door controls for Ex applications.

Until now, door controls were selected according to the power of the motors. The selection is now done according to the type of operator.

The three well-known door controls TS 971 "Pulse operation within the Ex zone" (➏), TS 971 "Deadman outside the Ex zone" (➐) and TS 971 "Pulse operation outside the Ex zone" (➑) remain available as usual.


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