The return of previously delivered items with the aim of replacement, repair or credit.

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Use a separate RMA form for each item.

RDA uses the following procedure for returned items:

  • For every repair offered you receive a service order confirmation, always use this order number for communication with RDA.
  • RDA will first assess the items you offer and if necessary for further inspection forward to our supplier.
  • If the article is no longer within the warranty period, you will be informed by RDA and receive a quote for the repair costs.
  • If applicable, we will receive an agreement for the execution of the repair according to the quotation offered.

Additional terms:

  • Returned materials must be correctly packaged and accompanied by the correct documents (Service & return form, invoice and/or delivery note).
  • The reason for return must be stated. Include information about the error (s) found.
  • Materials that are sent to replace a defect part will be charged and will only be credited if there is a valid warranty claim and the article in question can be added to our inventory as new.
  • When we find no problem in the returned part, €25,00 will be charged as research costs.
  • For repairs outside the warranty period, we will add shipping costs to the repair costs.
  • RDA provides 3 months warranty on repairs out of warranty.
  • In the case of return delivery for crediting in connection with wrongly ordered and/or unnecessary, we will credit a maximum of 75% of the sales price, provided that the items in question can be sold as new. With the exception of items ordered especially for you.
  • Shipping costs will not be credited.