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Garage door opener GTA1000 + rail type SZ-M + 2x Vict-eco868 2K

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The GTA1000 is a versatile garage door operator for large/heavy garage doors. The control features a very comprehensive menu that is easy to programme. Thanks to its LED lighting and energy-saving mode (consumes only 0.5W at rest!), the GTA1000 is a durable operator for any heavy garage door. The included transmitters guarantee safe and comfortable operation. As the drive medium, we offer a one-piece running rail (SZ series), which is suitable for a door height of: 2.500 mm.


SKU G00.1000.2103
Number of parking spaces 25
Electrical Power 0,4 kW
IP value 20
Force 1000 N
Track (number of parts) 1
max. door size 15 m2
Max. door height 2.500 mm
Receiver Ja
Openings / day 100
Openings / hour 10
Radio frequency 868 MHz Keeloq
Opening speed min. and max. Max. 22 cm/s
Close speed min. and max. Max. 14 cm/s
Temperature range -20 °C...+60 °C
Lighting Ja
Power supply motor 230 Vac
Transmitter type Victory-eco 2K