SI 17.15-30,00 NHK DES, Safedrive 3~400V with Hand Crank

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SKU 10003055.10011
Shaft diameter (Ø) 30,00 mm
Mounting position SG 63F
Limit switch range 20
Electrical Power 0,76 kW
Weight in/ex packing 16,0 kg
IP value 65
Couple 170 Nm
Max catch moment 420 Nm
Power frequency 50 Hz
Rated current 2,20 A
Emergency control Emergency sling NHK
Openings / hour 8
Speed 15 min-1
Temperature range -10 °C...+40(+60) °C
Test number roll-off protection 14-003612-PR02
Opening speed 15 min-1
Close speed 15 min-1
Type of limit switch DES
Power supply motor 3~ 400 Vac
Supply voltage 400V/3~
Base height 120 mm



Separate drive SI SG50F-SG186F, SIK, SI-FU, KE and KE-FU

SI63 25.15-30,00 NHK DES, Safedrive 3~400V with Hand Crank
Art. No 10003166.10011