SI 14.20-25,40 NHK DES, Safedrive 3~400V with Hand Crank

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SKU 10002227.10011
Temperatuurbereik -10°C +40°C(60°C)
IP value 65
Openings / hour 11
Supply voltage 3~ 400/230 Vac
Base height 4 x M8
Mounting position SG 50F
Type of limit switch DES
Limit switch range 20
Electrical Power 0,95 kW
Couple 140 Nm
Max catch moment 310 Nm
Power frequency 50 Hz
Rated current 2,00 A
Speed 20 min-1
Temperature range -10 °C...+40(+60) °C
Test number roll-off protection 14-003612-PR01
Opening speed 20 min-1
Close speed 20 min-1
Power supply motor 3~ 400/230 Vac
Shaft diameter (Ø) 25,40 mm
Emergency control Emergency sling NHK



Separate drive SI SG50F-SG186F, SIK, SI-FU, KE and KE-FU

SI 16.20-25,40 NHK DES, Safedrive 3~400V with Hand Crank
Art. No 10003803.10011