Roller door motors

Roller door motors

A complete programme with a range of motors to be installed directly on the axle or indirectly using a chain wheel transmission, guarantees a solution for practically every non-balanced door. 

The SI series slip-on drives can be directly mounted on the axle. They are equipped with a patented integrated safety mechanism which supports the weight of the door if something goes wrong and makes it impossible for the door to fall down, yet makes smooth operation possible.  

The KE series motors move the door using a chain wheel transmission. The motors are delivered with interchangeable drive shafts that can be easily installed either on the right or left side. The KE motors can be fitted on an optional tension console so that the chain can be easily held under tension during servicing. 

For extra strength and longevity all our motors are made only from the highest quality materials. All motors are tested under extreme conditions before leaving our factory, ensuring they meet all industrial standards and specifications. Thanks to the ‘plug and play’ cable sets and controls, installation is extremely easy. 

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